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Bangalore Passport Verification Status

After the documents are submitted an application status you are advised to check for the status of your application as to whether it is being under process or the verification is ready to be done.

After the verification done by local Police Authorities its advisable to check for Passport verification status Bangalore enquiry, to know whether the verification was successful or is still pending. After successful verification through a status check you can have a knowhow about the dispatch date of your passport.

The police verification form attached with the passport application is dispatched at first to the Commissioner of Police office after which is sent to local police station for verification. After verification done by local police it is returned to the commissioner’s office and after a last round of checking about your past history of criminal records if any is done the final report is sent back to the RPO office.

The Process Of Passport Police Verification Status Bangalore:

  1. You can go to Commissioner of Police situated at the infantry road before 1300 HRS on working days with a proof of your passport application, which can be the Xerox copy of your receipt. Submit this receipt to the official sitting in front of the foreigner’s registration office.
  2. Wait  till around 1630 HRS to 1700 HRS
  3. You can collect the receipt with required information mentioned at the back of the receipt you provided.
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